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6313 Menzingen, Switzerland

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Feel free to download and use, along with the proper referencing, the below documents informing you about our services, KISSsoft software and technical aspects of gearing and bearings.


 General Brochure  Tractor transmission optimization KISSsoft 03-2017, release notes
 List of references CVT, DCT tractor transmissions KISSsys 03-2017, release notes
CV Mr. Dinner Dynamic Analysis Sugar Mill Gearbox  KISSsoft, housing influence
CV Mr. Gabathuler Pitch and Yaw gearbox certification Micro geometry design
CV Mr. Stebler Sugar Mill Gearbox HALT test
 Annual report 2013  Flexpin design Manage shop floor data
Annual report 2014  FEM analysis of wind turbine main bearing KISSsoft, housing stiffness 
Annual report 2015 Contact analysis planetary gears KISSsoft, plastic gears
 Annual report 2016  Slewing bearing rating KISSsoft 03-2016, release notes
   Robust gear modifications KISSsys 03-2016, release notes
  Wind drive train concepts The KISSsoft Book 2015
  Supplier assessment Release 2015, new in KISSsoft
  Micropitting  Release 2015, new in KISSsys
  Extruder gears optimisation Release 2015, new for bevel gears
  SCD wind gearboxes KISSsoft software brochure
  Wind gearboxe concepts Gear 3D geometry export for FEM
  Slewing bearing calculation KISSsoft for micripitting calculation
  Gear rating in wind gearboxes, Part I    KISSsoft tutorials
  Gear rating in wind gearboxes, Part II CAD interfaces
  Tractor transmission optimisation What is new in release 03-2013, Part I 
    What is new in release 03-2013, Part II 
    KISSsoft for vehicle transmissions
    What ist new in KISSsoft Release 2014
    CNC machining of spiral bevel gears
    Thermal rating industrial gearbox
    KHbeta calcualtion in KISSsoft
    Vehicle transmission efficiency
    Helicopter transmission calculation with KISSsoft
    Bevel gear 3D geometry 
    An introduction to KISSsoft
    Planetary LTCA in KISSsoft, Part 1
    Planetary LTCA in KISSsoft, Part 2