Dipl. Ing. ETH H. Dinner, Director
Haupstrasse 7, P.O. Box 121
6313 Menzingen, Switzerland

++41 41 755 33 20 (Phone)
Skype ID: ees.h.dinner

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Technology trainings:
These trainings focus on the theoretical side of gear, bearing and shaft design or rating. Alternatively, a mixed software and technology training may be conducted on an actual project. Topics range from gear geometry, gear modifications, FMEA, test planning, bearing rating…

Software trainings:
Public software trainings are held on a regular basis or you may choose a trainer to visit your company to focus on your areas of interest. The trainings are held by experienced engineers with a detailed knowledge of KISSsoft and KISSsys. Please contact your local KISSsoft distributor for more information.

Company specific trainings may be held at EES offices in Switzerland or at customer location. Dates, duration and content are subject to agreement. Request a quote which will include the training and preparation cost itself as well as travelling time costs and expenses.

Recent trainings:

  • KISSsoft User Conference, Pune, India. Technical papers (20x) presented over two days. November 2015
  • Public, advanced software training in Suzho, China. October 2015
  • Technology training on planetary gearboxes. Finland, September 2015
  • Customer specific training, wind turbine manufacturer, Spain (February 2015): four days theory and software usage, focusing on planetary gearboxes
  • Customer specific training, vehicle manufacturer, India (January 2015): four days on gear optimization and
    bearing rating
  • Customer specific training, plastic gear manufacturer, Malaysia and Singapore (2014): several days on
    theory of plastic gearing, gear geometry and KISSsoft usage
  • Public training on gear scuffing, KHbeta calculation and contact analysis, India (2014)