Dipl. Ing. ETH H. Dinner, Director
Haupstrasse 7, P.O. Box 121
6313 Menzingen, Switzerland

++41 41 755 33 20 (Phone)
Skype ID: ees.h.dinner

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EES uses methods like DFMEA or RCA to ensure designs are safe or to localize root causes in case of failures. EES assists their customers in legal cases by providing technical arguments to the customer’s legal representative.

Some recent projects including FMEA or failure analysis include

  • Design FMEA of a 3MW wind gearbox, China
  • Design FMEA of a 3MW wind gearbox, Germany
  • Design FMEA of a 3MW wind gearbox, Spain/China
  • Gear damage analysis in a power plant, Switzerland
  • Planetary gearbox failure in an oil platform, Norway
  • Pinion damage analysis in a winch for a tunnel boring machine, Switzerland
  • Root cause analysis for a wind gearbox, Spain/Germany

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