Dipl. Ing. ETH H. Dinner, Director
Haupstrasse 7, P.O. Box 121
6313 Menzingen, Switzerland

++41 41 755 33 20 (Phone)
Skype ID: ees.h.dinner

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In the development, verification and for the certification of gearboxes, their components and also for large bearings, we frequently use the finite element method. Our FEM works is based on ABAQUS, FEMAP or ANSYS. We focus on strength rating using time series and synthetic S-N curves for certification e.g. along GL guideline for wind, contact analysis to simulate bearings and non-linear analysis to calculate e.g. planetary carrier deformation considering the influence of pin to carrier interference.

Some recent projects with FEM calculations include

  • Deformation and strength analysis of planetary gearboxes for a Swiss-US company in defense industry
  • Static and fatigue rating of a yaw gearbox for a 5.5MW wind turbine, Korea
  • Deformation analysis of a planetary carrier to be used in planetary contact analysis, Germany
  • Coupled thermal-mechanical analysis of a large main bearing in a wind turbine, Germany
  • Load distribution calculation in a large slewing bearing, Korea
  • Deformation optimization of flexible pin planet support, Germany/China
  • Fatigue analysis of a planetary carrier of a MMW wind gearbox using time series and artificial S-N curves for certification, Germany/China

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