Dipl. Ing. ETH H. Dinner, Director
Haupstrasse 7, P.O. Box 121
6313 Menzingen, Switzerland

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Download our project list in wind industry here.

Some recent key projects are:

2017: Optimisation of electro vehicle drive

  • Gear optimisation, micro geometry assessment
  • Considering housing stiffness influence
  • Assessment of damages

2016: 3MW wind gearbox assessment

  • Inspection after load test
  • Review of engineering analysis
  • Optimisation of gear modifications
  • Assessment of contact patterns

2016: CVT and DCT tractor transmission technology

  • Literature review
  • Report recommending key technologies
  • Guidelines on engineering analysis

2016: Gearbox assembly assistance

  • For 3MW wind gearbox
  • Supervision and documentation of assembly

2016: Optimisation of forged bevel gears

  • For electrical vehicle differential
  • Optimisation of macro and micro geometry
  • LTCA and FEM

2016: Gas turbine reduction gearboxes

  • Gear technology review
  • For aircraft turbines with approx. 300shp

2015: Cement mill gearbox, double pinion driving a single girth gear

  • Thermal rating, lubrication design
  • Gear rating, gear optimization, gear modifications
  • Strength verifications
  • Assembly and installation manual

2015: Helicopter transmission technology identification

  • Literature review
  • Report recommending key technologies to be acquired / mastered

2015: Grain mill gearbox design

  • Design of gearbox internals for bevel-helical gearbox
  • Thermal rating and efficiency calculation for different operating conditions

2015: Tail rotor and main rotor gearbox of a helicopter

  • Analysis for certification
  • Gear and bearing optimisations

2015: Tractor transmission

  • Strength assessment for rating with stronger motor
  • Optimization of gears, axles, planetary sets, bearings
  • Recommendations related to manufacturing drawings, manufacturing process

2014: Optimization, gear micro geometry design and strength verification of a sugar mill gearbox

  • Including planetary power split stage
  • AGMA rating, thermal rating, lead and profile modifications design

2014: Failure analysis and gear optimization of a planetary stage in an armored, wheeled vehicle

  • Modifications redesign led to passing the load test
  • Customer training

2014: Gear strength rating and optimisation for a helicopter transmission

  •  For bevel and cylindrical gears
  •  Optimisation of micro geometry
  •  Strength rating for flight approval

2014: Failure investigation in a compound planetary gearbox

  • For construction equipment
  • Tooth contact analysis considering system deformation

2014: Failure investigation on a turbo planetary gearbox in a powerplant

  • Gear analysis

2013: Gear modifications for large iron ore crusher gearbox for various load levels

2013: FEM analysis of main bearing of an offshore wind turbine

2013: Optimisation of rear axle (planetary gears in wheel hub and differential set with crownwheel/pinion and bearings) for mining truck

2013: Gear design for 1000hp, three planetary stages mill gearbox

2012: Several design and engineering analysis review projects for European wind turbine companies

  • Supplier assessment
  • Review of design, drawings, engineering analysis and FEM calculations
  • on site training and change implementation

2012: Engineering analysis of large slewing bearing for a mining company in USA

  • Calculation methodology
  • Know how transfer and training

2012: Design and engineering analysis of a >5MW gearbox

2011: Conceptual design of a 3.xMW drivetrain with integrated main bearing for a German company entering the wind turbine market

  • Selection of drive train topology from different concept
  • Gearbox design (gears, bearings, lubrication system, sensors, …)
  • The project is ongoing, further works are expected

2011: Engineering analysis and certification support for a leading Indian gearbox company, 1MW wind turbine main gearbox

  • Performing engineering analysis for certification
  • Review of the bearing calculations submitted by the bearing supplier, specifications therefore
  • FEM analysis using time series for cast parts
  • Gear detail design including corrections and certification reports

2011: Consultancy to a leading Chinese gearbox company, 3.xMW gearbox

  • Consultancy with respect to engineering analysis
  • Design review, drawings review
  • Gear optimisation
  • On-site training

2010: Development of a Multimegawatt (>5MW) wind turbine gearbox

  • A wind turbine company decided to generate their own design of a wind turbine main gearbox. The design and analysis for certification was outsourced to EES Gear GmbH
  • As project manager, I was responsible for the gearbox concept, technology, design and engineering analysis.
  • The result was an approval of the design by the final customer. The design is currently being prepared for manufacturing

2010: Development of a 3.x MW wind turbine gearbox

  • We developed – on behalf of a German company – two prototypes of a 3.x MW gearbox for a wind turbine.
  • The development included all steps from concept, design, manufacturing drawings, sourcing, assembly, test rig specifications, testing, tear down and documentation for certification
  • The result was that the two prototypes were declared as fit for use by the certification authorities
    within one day after completion of test.

And many more…