Dipl. Ing. ETH H. Dinner, Director
Haupstrasse 7, P.O. Box 121
6313 Menzingen, Switzerland

++41 41 755 33 20 (Phone)
Skype ID: ees.h.dinner

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Industrial gearboxes

  dot Analysis for certification / design approval
  dot Gearbox layout, kinematic analysis/design
  dot Bearing selection, gear design
  dot Thermal rating, meshing / bearing fault frequencies

Tractors / Construction

  dot Detailed gearing, shaft and bearing analysis
  dot Life and strength rating with load spectra

Fine pitch / plastic gearing

  dot Toot form optimisation (noise, strength, manufacturability)
  dot Helical, planetary, crossed axis helical gears
  dot Worm gears, face gears, bevel gears
  dot Gear geometry for wire eroding, CNC machining, injection moulding, forging and sintering
  dot In collaboration with KISSsoft AG

Heavy duty gearing, open gearing

  dot Steel, sugar, cement, petroleum
  dot On site inspection, repair assessment, lubrication analysis
  dot In collaboration with Estudio Pina

FEM analysis

  dot Gearbox housings, planetary carriers
  dot Cast and welded structures
  dot Detailed bearing analysis
  dot In collaboration with Ingenis AG